Who We Are


We are a church of neighbors and our neighborhood is great–it extends to the corners or the world.

We strive to “Love God first, and love neighbor as much as self.” In addition to serving worshipers who come from far and wide to worship on Sunday mornings, we minister to people in Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport; Nicaragua, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. We have supportive relationships with people in Romania, Haiti, Nepal and the Navajo nation as well.

We are an independent Christian Church, gathered in 1870 for the worship of God and the Christian education of children.

From its humble beginnings this little church has been an alternative for seekers who value the great traditions of our faith while discovering new ways of experiencing the Faith.

Our congregation is made up of people from diverse religious backgrounds with a common passion for building a vital and meaningful and supportive community.



Our Statement of Purpose

We are building a church community through which we may come to Know and Share the Love of God.

We join together to enable individuals to develop for themselves their own dynamic relationship with God, especially as revealed through Jesus Christ, Biblical tradition, nature, and the community of the church.

We strive continually to articulate the Christian faith in fresh, exciting, and relevant ways; to renew the ways we practice and express our faith; to deepen our relationship with God; to welcome people of diverse origins, beliefs, experiences and perspectives


We value: 

The beauty and intimacy of our gatherings

The traditions and rituals of the church

The enduring and growing relationships that our faith encourages.

The music we hear and feel in our hearts offered to the glory of God in our worship

The diversity of the congregation by openness and welcoming of all people

The sharing of our enthusiasm of how God’s love continues to be revealed to us



To guide our actions and maintain the integrity of what we have together. We have adopted the following principles:

We serve God, the interests of the congregation, and the universal community

We desire to grow in all ways

We desire to preserve our intimacy even as we grow larger

We desire to maintain our fiscal stability and ensure there are resources, infrastructure, services, and leadership to meet our goals and objectives.

We desire to avoid dogmatic formulations and glib answers to the great questions of life.

We desire to make a lasting impact on our community

We desire actively to care for and to serve those less fortunate.

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