How We Believe

Dear Friends,

What we believe matters to us here. That’s why we have Bible studies and preach sermons. It’s why we bother with Sunday School for our children (it’s not just an elaborate way to fend them off for an hour on Sunday mornings). We care so much about what we believe that we go out of our way to make space to honor everyone’s differing beliefs because we trust that what we believe is truly personal.
As we welcomed new members last week I proclaimed that What we believe is not as important as How we believe. I’ve been reflecting on that a lot. The more I work with that idea the more it works for me. And the more I see that is the same way Jesus approached everyone he met. He never once taught a doctrine and he avoided theology. Instead, he helped people get unstuck from whatever was getting in their way. Jesus was always more interested in How to live a good life rather than what beliefs people should hold. He wanted us to believe in the Good News so that we could live joyful and productive lives.

How we believe gets lived out in the ways we treat the people we encounter, especially how we encounter those who are needy that we may never meet face to face.

Think about How you live out what you believe. Or take a greater part in participating in the life of your church where the community works to help us all with living out the HOW of our beliefs.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.



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