Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Why membership?

A.  By becoming a member of the church, we deepen our connection to the community.  As members of the church community, we commit ourselves to one another for mutual growth and support.  We want you to consider Talmadge Hill your church home.

Sixteenth-century reformers had the radical belief that people could discover for themselves their own relationship with God.  In that spirit, we agree to interpret the Scriptures, both individually and together.

Q.  What is the commitment?

A.  Above all, it is a commitment to a community of people who desire:  a deeper connectedness to God and to one another; who long for the fellowship of other seekers; and who want to make a positive impact on our world.

Q.  What do we believe?

A.  Our church motto is “To Know the Love of God and Share It.”  We stand in the Protestant tradition of Pilgrims and Puritans in the affirmation that each individual has the capacity to know God intimately for him-or herself.  We use scholarship to understand the Scriptures and to embrace the mystery which is embodied in many church traditions.  We believe that the spirit of God is found in many places, through services performed, and in beauty found in art, music and nature.

Q.  Who is Jesus?

A.  We believe in the mystery of the paradox of Jesus as fully divine and fully human.  We believe there is divinity in all individuals and look to Jesus as guide and inspiration.

Q.  What makes THCC stand out?

A.  THCC stands out through its blending of preaching, teaching, music, fellowship and commitment to outreach.  About 25% of all income is given to help others, especially the poor, the homeless, and the socially-marginalized.

Q.  How do you treat tithing?

A.  Financial support of THCC is voluntary and welcome.  We ask members to give what they can and with a happy heart.  For planning purposes, we ask members to pledge money, though it is not necessary.  The average pledge is $2000 per year, per family.  All are welcome, regardless of financial contributions.  As a member, you enjoy the support and services of what the church offers to the community.

Q.  What does membership involve?

A.  At THCC, it should be easy to feel welcomed.  All people are welcome to join, the only requirement is baptism.  If one has not yet been baptized, then a ceremony can be arranged.

Q.  Why baptism?

A.  By tradition, baptism is the mark of entrance into the Christian church.  If one desires to be baptized, one of our ministers can arrange a ceremony that takes place during a church service or privately.

Q. When can I join?

A.  New Members are welcomed in a ceremony during the 10:30 service of worship about twice a year.  One’s joining can be arranged by contacting one of our ministers or a membership liaison, Jenny Remole (203 858-2884).


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