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 The great story of our faith begins and ends in the garden—from the Garden of Eden to the Garden where Mary Magdalene discovered the empty tomb. The garden is the perfect metaphor of God’s presence in our world in all its beauty and peace and vitality.

Our Memorial Garden is a powerful expression of how memory guides and sustains us throughout our lives. Life and death are mixed together in the garden so that when we commend a loved one to the earth, it is like planting a seed of memory that will grow into immortality. In God’s care, the love that found us in life, lives on here past death.

In the Garden, memory is nurtured and nourished in the beauty and serenity of the churchyard. Our Memorial Garden has been established to provide for the dignity and integrity of each person whose earthly remains will rest in our care. The Memorial Garden and the grounds of the church yard will be sustained in perpetuity.

As you enter the churchyard from the street you will be greeted by a great granite stone inscribed with the message: we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. The quote comes from our Bible’s Letter to the Hebrews affirming our living connection to all people of faith from the very beginning. For we believe, along with Paul that, “Neither life nor death. . .nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God.”

This is a place of reflection, hope, and memory where we may celebrate our belief in the everlasting life of the Spirit and the abiding presence of God.



The Memorial Garden has been created to meet the needs of the members and friends of Talmadge Hill Church as a unique, permanent and affordable way to memorialize our loved ones. All are welcome and invited to contact the church office to make arrangements to purchase memorial stones.



The Memorial Garden at Talmadge Hill is a “green” garden. Ashes may be scattered among the plantings or buried (without an urn) directly beneath the memorial stone.



Cut from granite and inscribed by local craftsmen, these stones will offer a permanent memorial to our loved ones. All epitaphs and quotes are subject to approval by the Church. The cost of engraving is assumed by the purchaser. Church members will receive a 20% discount from the prices listed. Please contact the church for current pricing by sending an email to

Large Border Stone 1’ X 4’                                                                       

 Large Square Stone:  2’ X 2’                                                                                                

 Rectangular Stone: 1.5’ X 2’

 Hand Cut Field Stone:   Various sizes and shapes roughly 1’ X 2’



If you would like to help build the Memorial Garden you may simply make a contribution.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Memorial Garden at Talmadge Hill Community Church

 The terms and conditions of the Agreement between Talmadge Hill Community Church (hereinafter called “the Church”) and the Participant:

  1. Control and management of the Memorial Garden are wholly and solely vested in the Church. No property right of any kind is acquired by or through the Participant.
  2. Ashes may be scattered or buried, but not buried in containers.
  3. The garden is exclusively for memorializing persons, therefore ashes or remains of pets are not permitted in the garden.
  4. Adornments such as wreaths and flowers and messages are not permitted in the garden.
  5. No liability of any kind is assumed by the Church for the maintenance or preservation of the ashes of any person interred in the Memorial Garden or for any loss or damage to the ashes of such deceased persons, or for any marker placed in the Garden.
  6. After the stone has been purchased, The Church works closely with the Participant to prepare the text for engraving and puts the Participant in contact with the local craftsman who does all the engraving for the stones of the garden.
  7. Cost of the engraving is borne by the Participant.
  8. Only the prescribed marker may be used. No other plaques, plates, discs, plantings, etc. may be placed in the Memorial Garden. There are four sizes of marker stones—1.3’x4’, 2’x2’ and 1.5’x2’ and irregular fieldstone pavers. If neighboring markers are desired for a spouse, child or parent, it is possible to purchase those spaces in advance, secured by a full payment.
  9. All costs are subject to change.
  10. The Church will maintain a record of placement in the Garden.




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