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Dear Friends,
As I write this I am getting ready to fly to Utah where I will be celebrating the marriage of a young woman I have known since 1985. Her parents were members of the church served in Weston and I got to watch her grow up. Now she has asked me to come and take part in the beginning of her next stage of life. I feel deeply grateful and honored to be asked. But more than that, I see this as the very heart of what church is all about.
The bride and her family (she has three younger brothers) came of age here at Talmadge Hill before they moved away. We were all connected by something much greater than our affection for one another. We were connected by a message of Good News that saw beyond our flaws and shortcomings and celebrated the distinct humans we all are.
Church is not so much about being Good as it is about simply Being.
In my privileged place as one of your ministers, I get to see you as you are and I have come to love you. Love is not the same as “like” because love has a way of taking in all the things we don’t like about someone and titrating it into the elixir of love.
This weekend Rob celebrates his birthday as does his son, John River. Michael Crouch is in New York on Saturday doing a TED talk (check it out!). Katherine Silvan is offering the sermon. Parent weekends are starting to happen at our children’s schools, we’re making plans for the holidays and winter trips. Things are happening. And here we are in the midst of it, being connected to each other through the Good News of our faith.
But the Good News is not in-our-face-obvious like the t.v. news. It’s much more like an underlying reality of all that we do. It’s someone you talked with after worship who thought about you all week with care and concern. Or it’s the way you kept caring for someone through the week after taking with them. That’s what church is all about—creating the connections that make life better.
I won’t be seeing you on Sunday but you will be in the loving presence of Carter and Katherine.

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