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Dear Friends,
What’s your midsummer’s dream?
Shakespeare imagined mythical beings conspiring for love.
I imagine the same.
Further, I imagine that love is all that any of us really wants down deep–that we are loved and that we can simply love. . .
It’s the simple message of our gospel. And we spend our lives learning love.
Love is our human obsession, and yet we keep distracting ourselves by other things that are more tangible but ultimately less satisfying than love.
I got to spend some time recently with my three grandchildren. I keep being surprised by the simplicity of the love that we share. Initially without words. Then as the words come they reveal something shockingly simple and safe and sweet. When my little Max throws himself into my arms and wraps himself tight to my body and whispers in my ear, “I love you, PoppaZ.” I comprehend something about eternal life that I never knew before. Eternal life isn’t about more time (quantity-wise). Eternal life is about the deep time we can spend loving and being loved.

Most of our New Testament was authored by the incomparable Saul of Tarsus (Paul) who was obsessed as we are by love. Beginning Sunday we will spend the summer reading what Paul has to say about Love and life and death and faith. We will follow a sequence of readings from his Letter to the Church at Rome (Romans).

Just to make it more fun, we will gather again on Monday nights (7:30-8:45) to read the upcoming passage that I’ll be preaching the following Sunday.
Starting this coming Monday, June 23, we will read Romans 6:12-23 and you can help me with the message for the coming sermon.

Don’t forget! This week we begin our Summer schedule: One service of worship at 9:30. See you then.


Summer Bible Confabulation

Let’s meet together and read the letter to the Romans, and focus our study on a handful of selected passages.
Monday Evenings
June 23 – August 25
7:30 – 8:45
Merritt Room
(or outside on the patio)

Schedule: June 23 Romans 6:12-23
June 30 Romans 7:15-25a
July 7 Romans 8:1-11
July 14 Romans 8:12-25
July 21 Romans 8:26-39
July 28 Romans 9:1-5
Aug 4 Romans 10:5-15
Aug 11 Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32
Aug 18 Romans 12:1-8
Aug 25 Romans 12:9-21

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