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Talmadge Hill Community Church is a perfect place for a memorable wedding ceremony. Given our commitment to serving the greater community, we invite members and non-members alike to enjoy the simple beauty of our sanctuary.  Situated in an idyllic setting, the church is intimate and seats up to 125 guests.

Though Talmadge Hill is anchored in the Christian tradition, we are respectful and welcoming of individuals and couples from varied faith traditions or none at all.  Our expectation is only that couples appreciate the sacred nature of the wedding ceremony in which two people come together in love and commitment.  Stated differently, we are warm and inclusive, and do not discriminate in any way.

So if you are looking for a beautiful, intimate and joyful place to celebrate your wedding day …

Please Contact one of the Ministers (Rev. Zeman — 203 550-0697 or Rev. Via — 914 610-8492) or email to inquire about your wedding.


Preparing for Your Wedding at Talmadge Hill Community Church

The ministers of the church are responsible for all religious events at the church, including all weddings.  If a minister is not available, a clergy person with an established formal association to the church may be permitted to perform the ceremony.  If the couple wishes to include a cleric of their choosing, the church will be glad to invite him or her to co-officiate with the minister.

Since the church is located in the town of Darien, you will obtain your Wedding License from the town clerk at Town Hall in Darien and give it to the minister at or before the time of the rehearsal.

Please treat the church with the honor and respect due any sacred space.  If you need to move furniture, please return it to its place.  Please discuss your decorating plans with the minister ahead of time.  And if you use a florist, please make sure they plan to remove everything after the service.  Naturally, you may not attach decorations with nails or tape or any other means that causes damage.


Costs and fees

The church has established the following schedule of fees for non-members to carry the expense of maintaining the chapel and to compensate the minister for the hours invested in preparing your wedding.  By charging fees, the church is able to offer this service to people who are not already contributing to the support of our church.  Please note that no one will be prevented from using the chapel or the services of the minister because of lack of funds.  Please speak with the minister about this.

Use of building:              payable to Talmadge Hill Community Church
Church Members           No Charge
Non-Members                $500.00

Minister:                          payable to the Rev. Michael Zeman or the Rev. Carter Via
Church Members           Honorarium
Non-Members                $950.00

Church Musician:          $250.00 payable to Rob Silvan
Soloist: (optional)          $200.00

Church Sexton:               cash in separate envelope
Non-Members                 $50.00

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