Youth Circle

Teenagers live at a critical moment in their development. Erik Ericson calls it the identity formation stage – a stage intended to anchor a sense of who we are, and what it means to be a part of the whole.

Communities of faith have a unique role to play in this process. While young people naturally separate from their parents, they need the support and positive influence of other adults. Youth ministers and youth leaders are able to bring objective affirmation and encouragement. At the same time, communities of faith can address current issues/questions relevant to teenagers who seek to live with a conscience and a purpose.

The Talmadge Hill Youth Circle is marked by compassion, openness and dialogue. We do not offer dogmatic answers to life’s biggest questions, we are committed to creating a context in which our young people can reflect on how to be better human beings in a world that needs the next generation to have faith, hope and love.

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